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Lagos leads internet usage with 12.82% as Yobe, Ebonyi remain below 1%—NBS

Additional revelations from the recent data released by the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) have shown that whereas Lagos state remains the highest in terms of internet usage, three states including Yobe, Ebonyi and Bayelsa had remained below one per cent among other states.

The report placed Lagos internet penetration at 12.82 per cent lead over the rest states.

From a distant standpoint, Ogun followed by 6.01 per cent; Oyo 5.28 per cent and Kano enjoyed 4.75 per cent penetration in that order.

Lowest three internet complaint states include Bayelsa State at national lowest with 0.74 per cent penetration followed by Yobe 0.78 per cent, and Ebonyi in third position with 0.82 per cent internet users.

Only recently, the regulator, Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC), had said that the nation currently had about 91.1 internet surfers.

Other ratings show that Ekiti, Zamfara, Jigawa and Gombe states with 0.91 per cent; 0.92 per cent; one per cent; and 1.08 per cent followed respectively.Taraba had 1.14 per cent; Kebbi 1.28 per cent, while troubled Borno had 1.47 per cent Internet penetration among the lower ranked states.

The Federal Capital Territory (FCT) ranked fifth with 4.65 per cent; Kaduna 4.54 per cent; Rivers 4.19 per cent; Delta 3.46 per cent; Niger 3.44 per cent; Edo 3.18 per cent; Anambra 2.84 per cent, Benue 2.54 per cent; Kwara 2.34 per cent, and Nasarawa 2.28 per cent penetration.

Data from Internetworldstats showed that Nigeria is ranked eight among the top 20 global Internet users. Nigeria, which was the sole African country listed in this category is ahead of developed countries like Germany (9th), United Kingdom (12th), France (14th), Italy (16th), and South Korea (19th).

According to the report, the total Internet users of the top 20 countries were 2,738,949,556, while the rest of the world, excluding the first 20 countries had 993,023,867.

The report gave further details of nations with their Internet users as follows: China is first (731,434,547); India second (462,124,989); United States third (286,942,362); Brazil fourth (139,111,185); Indonesia fifth (132,700,000); Japan sixth (118,453,595); and Russia seventh (104,553,691). Nigeria is eight (93,591,174); Germany ninth (71,727,551); United Kingdom 12th (60,273,385); France 14th (56,367,330); Italy 16th (51,836,798), and South Korea 19th (45,314,248).

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