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Spectranet raises offering bar, introduces new super fast 4G services on MiFi

Leading 4G LTE data services company, Spectranet has introduces the all new Freedom Mifi laced with 15GB free superfast Internet to raise customers and intending subscribers internet cruising experience in Nigeria.

The launch of the product, according to the Head of Marketing, Mike Ogor is part of the company’s product development strategy to improve consumer’s Internet service experience.

Business Hilights recalls that Spectranet, the premier Internet service provider, is still leading data services provider market segment of the telecommunications industry according to latest data from the regulator, the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC).

Giving insights on the brand aspirations going forward in Lagos, Ogor said “Spectranet is a caring brand and has taken cognisance of the challenges faced by many today reshaped how best they can continue to enjoy the internet without excessive spending.”

He noted that even before the unveiling of the new product, Spectranet has put a strong emphasis on high quality technological services which offer the best of Internet experience at affordable prices.

According to him, “The Freedom Mifi is uniquely beautiful, very admirable, pocket-friendly and trendy, fitting into everyday life of one, who appreciates elegance and quality services. The battery life can stay up to eight hours without recharging. It has a front display screen that shows your data usage, signal strength and battery life. It is very easy to carry in your bag or pocket and it can carry up to 10 users conveniently at the same time”.

“Many of us now rely on mobile broadband as a way to stay connected once we leave home or the office, giving us an uninterrupted connection to the Internet. The main plus side of the Freedom mifi is that, apart from being able to connect several laptops, phones and other Internet devices to your mobile broadband at once, it is attractive and comes with unique features that elicit strong network signals.

“Since launch of brand Spectranet, we have been reshaping the Internet landscape by sustaining our promotional benefits to our subscribers and we do hope to continue especially as we started the second quarter of the year on a great note knowing that the consumers are responding very well to the promotions, and we are consistently evolving to satisfy them.”

Industry stakeholders and current users say, Spectranet 4G LTE Limited remains the most reliable home and office data masters in major Nigerian cities including Lagos, Ibadan, Port Harcourt, Abuja and others.

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