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Spectranet’s uptime higher than other operators—-Venn

The Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of pioneer 4G LTE data merchant, Spectranet Group, Mr. David Venn has revealed that statistics have shown that the quality of up time in our 4G data delivery is higher than those of operators in Nigeria.

In an interview during the unveiling of Netflix as a partner in Lagos, he said “The last thing you would want to happen is for the internet to be off, especially when you have movie to watch. We have been doing this for over 5 years and the first to launch 4G LTE. With the experience we have gotten we know how to manage 4G LTE network”.

Explaining more, he said “It is very different from managing voice network. We have the backups- generators, batteries, all to make sure network is up. Even if they fail, we have a third party towers to connect instantaneously.

“We have our data connectivity to our core data centre located in Lagos and connected to major submarine cables like MainOne and three others. Even if the submarine cables are down, you are not losing any data, because the content is local. The only thing that will affect the process is the synchronization at night, because new episodes need to be downloaded. So, if you are using another internet service provider in Nigeria, you cannot access the server”.

“The truth is that data is getting cheaper than it was two years ago. We also introduced unlimited night time data usage for our customers. From 1:00am to 7:00am, it is totally free. Thus, you can watch Netflix at night without any cost. Netflix also has its package; if you are a (Netflix) customer, you do not come to us, rather you go to them. They have a first month free package; no obligations as you can choose to sigh off/cancel anytime. So, the $10 monthly subscription is free for the first time you come on board.

“During the day and early evening you will pay for the data (Spectranet). I maintain that data prices are coming down. 80% of our customers are on 20GB plan (which is now 25GB for the same price with free unlimited night browsing). Neflix is an OTT service and we love it. You can switch to non-HD; that is standard view experience, so as to save your data. Secondly, you do not pay per Netflix movie, but monthly, which is cheaper than pay Tvs we have around here.

Venn gave insight on the choice of Spectranet by Netflix thus, “Netflix was looking for a broadband (internet service) provider with high speed an offers quality service. So, they selected Spectranet. We now have a dedicated Netflix server. That contains the whole content (library) of Netflix. Every night it is updated with the California server. So, as new episodes are coming out (fro series) they are updated simultaneously.

“It happens at night when the internet is not too busy, because it requires a huge data to download HD videos. They gave us the server, managed remotely. What that means is that, normally, if you were using Netflix in Nigeria that was downloaded from the UK and US. So, you were internationally streaming videos from their server. But now, with the server in Lagos, it is like local content. On our network you go straight to the server and streaming will be much better and faster for our customers.

On what Spectranet will benefit from the deal, Venn added that “The key thing for us is not only one of the first in Africa to get Netflix server, we are the only one in West Africa. No network provider in West Africa, of any sort has it, including Nigeria. In other worlds, their customers still have to stream movies and TV series from either UK or U.S., for us it is local. They chose Spectranet because of our quality network. They love the fact our customer watch their movies a lot. They have the statistics”.