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Be careful with forex trading platforms without known addresses, licences— Alpari boss


The Chief Executive Officer, Alpari Research and Analysis, Roberto d’Ambrosio, has called on Nigerian prospective investors and traders in forex to raise their integrity tests on every platform before putting down their money to avoid fraud.

In an interactive and training session with market makers and prospective investors in Lagos, he said “Alpari is an international group of companies, active in the investment and forex trade industry”.

“It’s a long lasting player in this industry and one of the biggest and has been around since 1998, a long period of time in this industry, and it has global presence. It has more than one million clients in 130 countries around the world. So we can say with confidence that Alpari is one of the major players in this industry and when it comes to Nigeria, it also has a very strong local presence with offices in Lagos and Nigeria.

Continuing, he said “Alpari Analysis Company, in which I’m the Chief Executive Officer, comprises a group of people dedicated to financial market analysis and research and industry trend research. We are consulted by company boards and we deliver research to not only the clients but also to the general public”.

“We are here for the second time around for series of workshops in which we shared our views. Our company is made up of professionals. What we do is just to show people how to be professional, starting from the very basics because many people in Nigeria need to know what forex is all about and to get confidence. It is very important to know what you are handling so that you don’t make mistakes.

Giving more details on building confidence in Nigerian forex traders, d’Ambrosio decried that some people lose interest “because non-ethical players in the field have approached them, providing them some kind of investments in forex and promising incredible return overnight. Mostly, these people operate under a very shady company, which you cannot even identify”.

“For instance, I am a public person, you can find me everywhere, we are public figures and if you go to our website, you will find us and you can be sure that there are people here you are dealing with. The other kind of approach is the one where they take your money and disappear.

He noted that “Alpari is such a huge company that cannot disappear. It is regulated in many jurisdictions and was licensed by one of the most difficult regulators – Central Bank of Russia – and is also licensed in Europe. So there is a complete different approach here. In our workshops, we will never tell people to invest here, you will get double; you will never hear this kind of thing from us. We will give them the tools and teach them how to use them without making any kind of loss”.

“Our approach is to respect the people of Nigeria, which is experiencing recession. I know that because I know Nigeria very well, since I grew up in Lagos. So we are not here to convey any kind of incredible message but to just show them what our pattern has been from the beginning, show that what we use is a platform and is the same platform they will have and it is up to them to use it rightly.

He added that for those seeking only to invest part of their money; Alpari gives responsibility to do that but always in control of the investment.

“They can invest, they can take up their money whenever they want, they can choose the managers to entrust their money to, so they are always in control, which is not the case with that kind investment that lacks trust as you mentioned before. Alpari is not fraudulent but comes with opportunities and interest.

Business Hilights recalls that Alpari came to Nigeria in May 2014 and has been growing from strength to strength.

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