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Arik Air has 68.5% of all cancelled, delays flights in Q1—-NCAA Report


Just as a total number of 54 flights were canceled by the 30 airlines on the international routes, which indicated 1.7 percent of their total operations between January and March this year,

54 out of the canceled flights, Arik Air had 37, representing 68.5 percent of canceled flights within the period under review. This formed the climax of a new report released by the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA).

The report also noted that within the period, otal flights operated by international airlines into Nigeria stood at 3,033 with a total of 1220 delayed flights, representing 40.2 percent of total operations.

Besides, NCAA report indicated further that Asky Airlines had two cancelled flights within the same period, British Airways; one, Cronos Air; one, Delta Air Lines; three, Ethiopian Airline; one, Kenya Airways; one, Lufthansa; one, Med-View Airways; three, South African Airways; two and Virgin Atlantic Airways had two cancelled flights within the period under review.

Others like Aero Contractors, which operate regional flights, African World, Air Cote D’Ivoire. Air France, Air Peace, Camair-Co, Dana Air, Egypt Air, Emirates, Etihad, KLM, Meridiana, Middle East, Qatar, Royal Air Marco, Rwandair, Saudi Air, Sudan Airlines and Turkish Airlines had no canceled flights within the period.

Arik Air also led in the number of delayed flights in the first quarter of the year with 244 out of 295 flights operated within the period.

Other international airlines with delayed flights include African World, 93 out of 282 flights, Air Cote D’Ivoire, 22 out of 106, Air France had 42 out of 179 flights, Air Peace, seven out of 36 flights, Asky with 57 out of 244 flights and British Airways with 57 out of 152 flights operated out of Nigerian in three months.

Cronos Air, 26 delayed flights of 38 flight operations, Delta Air Lines had 17 delayed flights out of 49, Egypt Air with 83 out of 167, Emirates 34 out of 87, Ethiopian Air, 81 delayed flights out of 216, Etihad had 17 delayed flights out of 50 flights it operated within the period.

Other airlines are Kenya Airways with 35 delayed flights out of 95, KLM had 15 out of 87, Lufthansa 84 out of 179, Meridiana 10 out of 13, Med-View 50 out of 71 flights, Middle East had four delayed out of 24 flights, Qatar Airways 15 delays out of 87 flights, Royal Air Maroc five delays out of 71 flights, Rwandair with 22 delays out of 71 flights, Saudi Air 27 out of 37 flights, Sudan Air had nine delays out of 10 flights, South African Airways with 36 delays out of 114 flights, Turkish Air had 88 delays out of 133 flights and Virgin Atlantic with 31 delayed flights out of 76 flight operations in three months.

NCAA further indicated that out of these numbers, the local airlines had 6,789 delayed flights, which represented 65.4 percent of the total flights operated within the period.

The 10,366 flights were operated by Arik Air, Air Peace, Med-View, First Nation, Overland, Azman, Dana and Aero Contractors.

A breakdown showed that that Aero Contractor had 806 flights; Arik Air, 1665; Azman Air, 1196; Dana Air, 1525; Med-View, 1071; Overland, 511; First Nation, 330 and Air Peace had 3262 in the first quarter of the year.