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Another look at Senator Sani’s viral ‘Poem’ on APC’s broom and issues

#Senator Shehu Sani dropped his farewells #Poem for the All Progressive Congress (APC) as he and others exit the ruling party:

Poem for the Broom

By Shehu Sani


“The Broom should sweep the litters,

The waste and the garbage it encounters and not pluck the eyes of the sweeper.

The Broom must not be stained with oil or blood for it to sweep so clean.

The Broom must be Broom and not swords or chains or else it’s not Broom.

The Broom should be an assembly of strands to sanitize and not arrows for hunting.

The Broom should not bare the dirts of foes to the podium and bury that of friends under the carpet.

The Broom must not sweep away only men who speak and leave behind men with swords.

The Broom must not remove the cobweb afar and leave untouched the cobwebs a near.

The Broom can only clean if it’s also clean”.


Poetic analysts who reviewed the nine lines pullout said even though the poem sounded self explanatory, there are some salient issues which it raised that were tactically buttressed by the National Publicity Secretary of the separatist Reformed All Progressive Congress (RAPC), Mr. Kassim Afegbua, who cited the issue of restructuring as an example.

He said in an interview weekend, that shortage of synergy and coordination remains a big issue and an example is the opposite opinions on the subject matter of restructuring between President Muhammadu Buhari and Vice-President Yemi Osinbajo.

Apart from stressing that APC was not the party its founding fathers envisaged when they came together in 2014, Afegbua averred that “As we speak, the APC has jettisoned its own manifesto. Where is the restructuring we promised Nigerians? They hurriedly came up with a committee headed by Governor (Nasir) el-Rufai; where has that landed us?

“The Vice-President is a supporter of restructuring. The President of the country is not a supporter of restructuring in the same government. There is no synergy. There is no coordination on any issue.

“You have about three or four opinions from the same government; that is not the way to lead.

“When the Fulani herdsmen issue came up in Benue State, the Inspector General of Police came up with a different position; the Minister of Defence gave a different position; and the Presidency is giving a different position.”

The New Peoples Democratic Party bloc in the APC and other aggrieved members of the ruling party, had on Wednesday announced the formation of the R-APC.

A day after, R-APC at a press conference attended by the leader of the nPDP, Alhaji Kawu Baraje, announced Alhaji Buba Galadima, a former ally of Buhari, as its national chairman.

This development sparked off the anger of the new National Chairman of the APC, Adams Oshiomhole, who in another interview, out rightly dismissed the R-APC, claiming that the separatists were mercenaries hired to destabilise the APC.

But in a swift response, Afegbua stressed that RAPC members are simply genuine members of the party interested in retrieving the party from usurpers.

According to him, “Adams Oshiomhole needs to take a look at our past. We do not possess the characteristics of hirelings or mercenaries.

“We are bona fide members of the APC. When it is convenient for people, they dress you in very elegant robes but when they are losing the battle, they call you names, but we will not call them names, we will continue to insist that we are going to rescue the APC and reposition it for optimum performance.

“We cannot be preaching to be progressives when we are law-breakers. We cannot be preaching that we are progressives when we are a party that has performed abysmally low in all sectors of the economy.”

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